Palliser Home Theater Seating - Cinema Seating  

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Leather Match &
Protected Leather
1000 Series
Leather Match &
Protected Leather
2000 Series
100% Natural Leather
2500 Series
100% Natural Leather
3000 Series
100% Natural Leather
4000 Series
100% Natural Leather
5000 Series
100% Natural Leather
6000 Series
100% Natural Leather
7000 Series
Leather Match/Protected 1000 Series
Derby: a highly durable and affordable leather available in solid colors
Mondo: a subtle two tone protected leather
Oxford: a stylish, subtle two tone, protected leather with a modest sheen
Roma: a corrected leather with a lighter more natural print

Features and Benefits:

  • Durable, Pigmented Finish
  • Consistent Color and Print
  • Most Natural Markings Concealed
  • Family Friendly

1000 Derby Almond

1000 Derby Ebony

1000 Derby Ivory

1000 Mondo Cognac

1000 Mondo Chaps

1000 Mondo Fossil

1000 Mondo Marble

1000 Mondo Tan

1000 Oxford Sangria

1000 Oxford Sorrell

1000 Roma Bistro

1000 Roma Capri

1000 Roma Ember

1000 Roma Grey

1000 Roma Mica

1000 Roma Stone




Leather Match/Protected 2000 Series

Classic: a modern leather with a gentle two tone, for warmth and comfort
Tulsa: soft monotone leather in a simple collection of custom colors
Features and Benefits:

  • Holds up Well Under Daily Use
  • Consistent Shading and Print
  • Most Natural Markings Concealed
  • Protected and Semi-Aniline

2000 Classic Anthracite

2000 Classic Blossom

2000 Classic Cape

2000 Classic Chestnut

2000 Classic Cranberry

2000 Classic Mocha

2000 Classic Mushroom

2000 Classic Regatta

2000 Classic Sahara

2000 Classic Wheat

2000 Tulsa Bean

2000 Tulsa Cappuccino

2000 Tulsa Cobalt

2000 Tulsa Dusk

2000 Tulsa Geranium

2000 Tulsa Lemondrop

2000 Tulsa Meadow

2000 Tulsa Moon


Natural Leather 2500 Series

Bronco SP: modern and stylish, with a hint of rustic charm
Cayman SP: soft and contemporary monotone leather
Havana SP: heavy-weight two-toned leather with a delicate sheen

Features and Benefits:

  • Delicate color variation
  • Natural markings visible

2500 Bronco Colt

2500 Bronco Steer

2500 Bronco Sunset

2500 Cayman SP Brown

2500 Cayman SP Dove

2500 Cayman SP Slate

2500 Cayman SP Taupe

2500 Havana SP Bruin




Natural Leather 3000 Series
Carnival: a warm color pallet expressing natural characteristics.

Features and Benefits:

  • A Light Glossy Appearance with Delicate Shading to Add Depth
  • Durable Leather
  • Some Natural Markings Visible
  • Semi Aniline Finish

3000 Carnival Bamboo

3000 Carnival Haze

3000 Carnival Penny

3000 Carnival Raven

3000 Carnival Riviera

3000 Carnival Tavern

Natural Leather 5000 Series
Bronco TG: modern and stylish, with a hint of rustic charm
Cayman TG: contemporary leather available in a range of soft yet modern tones
Cordova: exemplifies the beauty of a high end leather, with vibrant depth and texture
Havana TG: heavy-weight two-toned leather with a delicate sheen
Solitaire: rich and full of natural character, showcasing all the warmth, beauty and depth of unprotected leather

Features and Benefits:

  • Delicate Color Variation
  • Natural Markings Visible

5000 Bronco TG Cerise

5000 Bronco TG Colt

5000 Bronco TG Ginger

5000 Bronco TG Star

5000 Bronco TG Steer

5000 Bronco TG Sunset

5000 Cayman TG Brown

5000 Cayman TG Dove

5000 Cayman TG Slate

5000 Cayman TG Taupe

5000 Cordova Kona

5000 Cordova Midnight

5000 Havana TG Bruin

5000 Solitaire Cantina

5000 Solitaire Pecan


Natural Leather 6000 Series
Toscana: soft, supple and contemporary with a distinctive grain

Features and Benefits:

  • Delicate Color Variation
  • Natural Markings Visible

6000 Toscana Black

6000 Toscana Eggshell

6000 Toscana Rouge

6000 Toscana Snow

6000 Toscana Trufle


Natural Leather 7000 Series
Premium: a beautiful full aniline leather with a soft subtle hand and applied finish
Fantasy: a buttery soft full aniline leather with a uniques hand and applied finish

Features and Benefits:

  • A light glossy appearance with delicate shading to add depth
  • Natural Markings Visible
  • Durable Leather

7000 Premium Nutmeg

7000 Premium Sage

7000 Fantasy Birch

7000 Fantasy Olive

7000 Fantasy Rust



Grade A Arrazio Earth

Grade A Arrazio Leaf

Grade A Arrazio Stucco

Grade A Simplicity Almond

Grade A Simplicity Bark

Grade A Simplicity Off White

Grade A Simplicity Tizziano

Grade A Woodstock Wildoats

Grade B Balance Midnight

Grade B Balance Moss

Grade B Congo Bronze

Grade B Congo Umber

Grade B Desperado Chocolate

Grade B Desperado Rust

Grade B Extreme Beige

Grade B Extreme Coffee

Grade B Extreme Graphite

Grade B Extreme Grass

Grade B Landscape Clay

Grade B Landscape Flax

Grade B Landscape Hickory

Grade B Landscape Rope

Grade B New York Green

Grade B New York Ivory

Grade B New York Multi

Grade B New York Rust

Grade B Polo Bordeaux

Grade B Polo Cream

Grade B Polo Grey

Grade B Polo Nutmeg

Grade B Polo Oyster

Grade B Polo Sand

Grade B Renegade Berry

Grade B Renegade Buckwheat

Grade B Renegade Chocolate

Grade B Renegade Cognac

Grade B Renegade Custard

Grade B Renegade Ivy

Grade B Ripple Fern

Grade B Ripple Mahogany

Grade B Ripple Walnut

Grade B Seed Butter

Grade B Seed Dark Brown

Grade B Seed Lime

Grade B Seed Terra

Grade B Twerp River

Grade B Twerp Teak

Grade B Twerp Wheat

Grade B Virtuoso Baroque

Grade B Virtuoso Concerto

Grade C Graphite

Grade C Aberdeen Gun Metal

Grade C Aberdeen Russet

Grade C Aberdeen Sable

Grade C Cranage Brown

Grade C Cranage Farro

Grade C Cranage Fudge

Grade C Cranage Prune

Grade C Cranage Shitake

Grade C Cranage Spray

Grade C Cranage Toasted Pecan

Grade C Dottie Grenadine

Grade C Gopi Bayberry

Grade C Gopi Grain

Grade C Gopi Soap

Grade C Gopi Walnut

Grade C Grasslands Linen

Grade C Grasslands Maple

Grade C Grasslands Moss

Grade C Horizon Beige

Grade C Horizon Charcoal

Grade C Horizon Walnut

Grade C Monet Peanut

Grade C Monet Sage

Grade C Monaco Acorn

Grade C Monaco Bay

Grade C Monaco Onyx

Grade C Monaco Oyster

Grade C Monaco Rust

Grade C Monaco Snow

Grade C Monaco Truffle

Grade C Otis Black

Grade C Otis Sand

Grade C Otis Umber

Grade D Groovy Fawn

Grade D Groovy Silt

Grade D Lisi Celery

Grade D Lisi Fern

Grade D Lisi Graphite

Grade D Lisi Opal

Grade E Birgitte Paisle

Grade E Botanical Chocolate

Grade E Botanical Fern

Grade E Botanical Red

Grade E Capaldo Multi

Grade E Cloud Nine Beach

Grade E Cloud Nine Caramel

Grade E Cloud Nine Coffee

Grade E Cloud Nine Rain

Grade C Dottie Grenadine

Grade E Dhurrie Skipton

Grade E Marigold Bitter

Grade E Marigold Black

Grade E Moriko Filmnoir

Grade E Moriko Mineral

Grade E Moriko Tuscan

Grade E Myth Midnight

Grade E Narnio Bronze

Grade E Narnio Silversage

Grade E Plumeria Bark

Grade E Plumeria Buff

Grade E Plumeria Cornflower
Grade E Sundog Besalt

Grade E Sundog Lagoon

Grade E Sundog Spice

Grade E Swirl Tequila

Grade E Swirl Vermouth

Grade E Swirl Whiskey

Grade E Tango Pacific

Grade E Tango Pimento

Grade E Turning Leaves Sky

Grade F Allana Bone

Grade F Allana Coffee

Grade F Allana Storm

Grade F Goodfellow Sable

Grade F Rosalee Dark Chocolate

Grade F Rosalee Driftwood

Grade F Rosalee Scarlet

Grade F Sterling Bone

Grade F Sterling Cream

Grade F Sterling Storm

Grade F Zinnia Bone

Grade F Zinnia Coffee

Grade F Zinnia Storm

Grade G Dizzy Cafe

Grade G Dizzy Caspian

Grade G Dizzy Pewter

Grade G Dizzy Sandstone

Grade G Dizzy Tamale

Grade G Kayfare Blue Green

Grade G Kayfare Fuchia

Grade G Kayfare Peppercorn

*Note: Due to differences in dye lot, lighting and monitor calibration, colors may slightly vary from the example shown here.