Epson Scam Warning

In the past few months, new websites have opened in Canada selling Epson video projectors for what appears to be bargain prices with rebates. THESE UNITS ARE GREY MARKET PRODUCTS AND YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE EPSON REBATES. FAILING TO DISCLOSE THIS FACT TO THE CUSTOMER IS HIGHLY UNETHICAL AND MAY BE CONSIDERED FRAUD. If these people "forget" to mention the little fact you have no rebate, what else are they forgetting to tell you?? Refurbished?? "B Stock" etc???

Please Note: ALL products sold on come with full Canadian Warranty

Watch out for some smaller sites claiming to have SSL or credit card security. Look for HTTPS in the url and a Lock in your browser. No Lock, no security and your card info can end up anywhere. If you are unsure about an online dealer please email for any questions you might have. Feel free to contact Epson to find out who is an authorized dealer.